Wedding planning is stressful indeed, and if that’s not enough stress how do you decide on a wedding photographer? and where do you start?

I’ve been lucky enough to have shot six weddings and in my Toastmaster role I’ve been able to work with dozens of photographers so I have a little knowledge on the subject.

One of the main considerations is your budget for the photographer. Paying more does not necessarily guarantee better photography. There is such a difference in wedding photography prices from between two or three thousand pounds right down to two or three hundred pounds. You need to decide on your budget then go in search of a photographer within your price range. Facebook and Instagram are great places to start. By joining some of the wedding groups on Facebook you can ask other members for recommendations around your budget and you will hopefully get lots of advice and suggestions. Photographers also use these groups to help with acquiring clients.

It is very important after you make contact with a potential photographer for your wedding day that you arrange a face to face meeting. You will soon discover if the photographer is right for you. Knowledge of the wedding scene and personality are so important when choosing a photographer.

After choosing your photographer there are some elements of the photography you need to consider:

  • Style of your wedding photography.
  • What level of editing/post production you require
  • Final presentation of your  photographs


Photo Styles

Documentary– Lots of un-staged moments captured, loads of candid style shots with the emphasis not on the traditional staged group photos,

Editorial– Which is the focus on the style and detail of the bride and bridal party and the guests.

Fashion Led– Which has a bias towards the more adventurous and creative portraits of the day.

Traditional– Loads of expected posed photographs- perhaps what your parents may expect.

Or a mixture of all the styles above may be your preference.

Level of Editing

Do you want black and white prints, special effects towards a theme created in Photoshop, vibrant colours, high contrast, or faded colours. This is an issue you need to speak to your photographer about. More time may be needed to create your photos if you want a lot of editing. It may also affect the price of your package.

Final presentation of your wedding photographs.

You may wish to have a full album or a coffee table album. This may affect the price of your package. Some brides and bridegrooms like all the photos on a USB stick with a personalised presentation box. Some photographers will offer an on-line gallery for you to access and download your photos. This facility can also be offered to your wedding guests who can also access the photos and in some cases purchase them in different sizes and formats. You should discuss all this with your photographer who will be able to properly advise you on all the above elements.


When the last guest has gone all you will have left is your memories of the day. You need to be able to look at your wedding photographs and they should be able to remind you of your special day in great detail. The love, fun and emotion of the day, the little details, your style, vibrant colours must be forever available for you to look at.

Make sure you get the right photographer for you, they are all different. Talk to them, read their reviews and view their work.

Your photographer should be your best friend on your wedding day!!