People have asked me what is a wedding celebrant and why would we use you?  Another common question is what is the difference between a wedding celebrant and a registrar?

What is a celebrant?

The main role of the celebrant is to write and officiate personalised ceremonies in the location of the couples choosing.

Celebrants will perform their duties at Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Wedding Vow Renewals and Funerals.

During the wedding ceremonies the Celebrant can arrange for a wedding ceremony certificate to be signed and photographs taken.

What is the main difference between a celebrant and a registrar?

A registrar has the legal power to marry people whereas the Celebrant can carry out a personalised wedding ceremony for the couple.

Registrars will carry out a ceremony at a licensed wedding venue only and there is a set format for the ceremony. A Celebrant ceremony can be carried out almost anywhere and at any time of the day. The ceremony is designed by the couple and could include many rituals and symbolisms as well as involving families and friends. Celebrant ceremonies can also be carried out at licensed wedding venues

After choosing a Celebrant the couple will have the opportunity to build up a rapport and possibly a friendship with the celebrant prior to and often after the ceremony.

It is usual for the wedding couple to be legally married by the registrar before the wedding ceremony as Celebrants have no legal power to marry a couple. This can be done simply by attending a registrar’s office with two witnesses.


Why couples would choose a celebrant over a registrar?

Couples may like to tailor their own wedding ceremony and include symbolisms and rituals like; jumping the broom, hand-fasting and unity candle ceremonies.

The couples family and friends can be involved in ceremonies with songs, music and readings with no time restrictions.

Wedding ceremonies can be carried out at any location of the couples choosing and at any time of the day. Indoor or outdoor ceremonies are fine.

A celebrant ceremony is a more relaxed affair and as there are no time restrictions everyone can enjoy the ceremony to the full.


Hopefully this information will help you decide if a wedding celebrant would be right for your ceremony.


Ronnie Booth